Fimet launches F1 Arcus dental care unit


Fimet introduces the Fimet F1 Arcus dental care unit which combines clean and clear Nordic design with advanced features.

New F1 Arcus continues the long tradition of Fimet dental care products. With F1 Arcus, Fimet has utilized decades of experience in dental care units.  Ergonomics have improved over the years and F1 Arcus gives excellent usability and comfort to dental professionals, service engineers maintaining the product and of course to the patients. The new touch screen GUI takes the dental care unit usability to the next level as all main functions are just few clicks away. The instrument arm is light and precise to move and works well both in left and right handed dentistry.

The unit is designed for easy maintenance and it has room for advanced hygienic features and future upgrades. F1 Arcus can be equipped with various configurations such as continuous disinfection of instruments and two large water bottles. Patient comfort has been improved with memory foam cushioning in the patient chair that is available with a variety of upholstery colours. Fimet F1 Arcus also introduces a bowl that turns towards patient.

“We are very excited about the F1 Arcus and we know it will be accepted well in the market. It has several advanced features related to ergonomics, hygiene and maintenance to help end users and distributors in their daily work.”, states Juhamatti Malm, CEO of Fimet. This new unit celebrates Fimet’s 40 year long journey. With this new and advanced unit, Fimet is expecting to widen its customer range both in Finland and Europe where Fimet exports most of its production.  F1 Arcus also gives new opportunities in the rapidly growing Chinese dental market where Fimet has a joint venture company.

For more information, please contact:

Juhamatti Malm

CEO, Fimet Oy

Tel. +358 40 669 5164